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about Quetzal Duo

Quetzal duo was founded after a coincidental but significant musical encounter underneath the cathedral of San Cristóbal de las Casas (Chiapas, Mexico) in the summer of 2017 between Mexican singer Sofía Díaz Polo and Belgian guitarist Jasper De Kind.


The project started with the idea of working on a mexican repertoire, and slowly the affinity between our ideals, perceptions about music and our esthetic and emotional convictions led us to the Son Istmeño specifically, where we feel the possibility to explore, express ourselves and to create a personal approach, in a music that has existed for so long and has so much tradition behind it.


Till now we have mostly concentrated on the Son Istmeño, from the most popular and famous songs such as La Llorona, La Sandunga and La Bruja, to songs in the Zapotec language or more unknown ones. We have added at some moments Mexican songs from other places or periods however, which we also feel as part of ourselves, corresponding to what we are looking for in music. Although the duo started as a project of Mexican music, the Son del Istmo de Tehuantepec, Quetzal duo is always moving and continues to explore more music, feelings and ideas through other styles and forms.


"They sang in my birthday party it was so beautiful! not only are they an amazing super sweet couple but also amazing musicians. They made us all cry tears of joy and love listening to their music. Top top top musicanten! Un duo espectacular, nos pusieron la piel de gallina! "

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